Browser Functions

The general browser functions that are available on the toolbar are shown below.

The Address / Location field.  This shows the address of the page you are accessing.

This takes you to the previous screen in your history list.

This takes you to the next screen in your history list, this button is disabled unless you have used the back button.

This stops the page from loading any more and displays only the text and images that have already downloaded.

The Refresh / Reload button. This button can be used to redisplay any screen again. Sometimes screens do not load in properly of fail to load the first time, this is a network/Internet problem not one of the system.

The Print button. It is not always best to use this button, but rather use Print from the File menu. See the section on printing for more information.

The Home button takes you to your home page. You can choose where this is by choosing Internet Options from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer or Preferences from the Edit menu in Netscape.

Favorites.  You can add and organize web sites you have visited in Internet Explorer.